The Lost Ways

Nobody can deny the fact that we live in dangerous times. There seem to be numerous natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other crises with the potential to disrupt your life on any given day…and WITHOUT warning!

It’s perhaps unsurprising that an increasing number of people are considering becoming “preppers.” I, myself, have begun to examine my awareness and preparedness to weather natural disasters and or conflicts that can potentially arise. One thing I have learned is that it takes time to learn the knowledge and develop the skills to become proficient as a survivalist.

The most effective way to make the “learning curve” less steep is to learn from the best, and Claude Davis is, without question, one of the best. Claude is a man who has survived in environments so extreme, that he could probably weather any crisis.

He decided to reveal all his knowledge and experience in a three hundred and fifty-page guide called “The Lost Ways.” He has forgotten more about the art of survival than most people will ever learn. He really is that good!

The hard-hitting and practical information compiled in The Lost Ways will equip you with all the knowledge required to survive natural catastrophes and man-made calamities. We all recognize that “knowledge is power,” and that certainly applies here.

Let’s dive in and take a peek at why “The Lost Ways” has outsold and ‘out survived’ so many other survival and “prepper” guides.

The Lost Ways
The Lost Ways Book

The Positives:


It is jam-packed with detail. That’s the most significant selling point of The Lost Ways. It weighs in at 350 pages, and there’s a wealth of information here that eclipses most other guides of this kind. The sheer scope and amount of knowledge taught here makes The Lost Ways a guide that EVERY self-respecting prepper simply HAS TO own.

Despite the attention to detail and volume of information provided, this guide is an easy read. It’s compelling and has been written in a conversational style. There isn’t any technical jargon to bewilder you.

Claude wanted his readers to have a clear understanding of what he was teaching. Complex terminology and unnecessary verbosity have been dispensed with in favour of practicality. You will appreciate this book.


A major plus of this eBook is that it has compiled tips from several highly experienced and respected survivalists such as Mike Searson, Patrick Shelley, and Shannon Azares. Four heads are better than one, and their combined input and expertise is invaluable because theirs is a knowledge that can be applied in the real world and NOT an untested theory.


Knowing how to preserve food is critical to surviving throughout a crisis. In most cases, electricity will be the first thing to go down during a natural disaster rendering your refrigerator unworkable.

Imagine life without a fridge! In The Lost Ways, you will learn how to preserve your food so that you can survive any crisis. You’ll also discover how to prepare a superfood from ingredients that you could quickly buy from any supermarket.


Confidence will come from developing the skills and gaining the knowledge to survive. Claude Davis’s The Lost Ways will give you that confidence and assurance, provided you read the book and apply its teachings. You’ll discover how to procure food and water while everyone else panics!

The optimal time to prepare for a crisis is when there isn’t one. The Lost Ways will teach you everything you need to know.


This eBook has been an online bestseller for a few years now and has stood the test of time in a fickle market. With thousands of customers, this product itself is a proven survivor… and it will turn you into one. The official website is populated with loads of testimonials from hugely satisfied customers. This is social proof that the guide delivers what it promises.


And as if all that isn’t enough, Claude is offering a sixty-day refund guarantee, pretty much making this a risk-free proposition.

The Negatives:


This book is a veritable tome! It is huge and will no doubt take some time to get through. But, just take it one step at a time, and you shouldn’t find it too overwhelming.

So, it’s best to read around ten to twenty pages a day, understand what you’ve learned and applied the information wherever possible. With time, you’ll complete the book and develop a thorough grasp of the concepts and principles within.


You will need a tablet, smartphone or computer and a connection to the internet to get The Lost Ways. It is only available online.

So Should You Get The Lost Ways?

If you’re serious about surviving, and surely you ought to be, then this is the definitive text. It is crammed with tips and tricks that will assist all beginner preppers, but there are also several gems that even the more advanced survivalists will appreciate.

Now, of course, surviving a crisis such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster is clearly about much more than merely having skills and expertise. What you will absolutely need is the WILL to survive…and this will come down to your mindset and inner strength.

This is where “The Lost Ways” becomes far better than other books on this subject. It also teaches you how to develop that mindset and purposeful intent needed to survive at all costs. While everyone else is scrambling in panic or has given up hope, you’ll have that “never say die” attitude that will give you the edge when it comes to survival.

Nothing is so “bad” that it cannot get worse, unfortunately. The Lost Ways will not only arm you with the skills and knowledge should things go “south,” but it’ll give you the mindset that will ensure your endurance.

This is priceless. You may NEED this guide soon!

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