The Anti Diet Solution

The Anti-Diet Solution has an intriguing name, hasn’t it? And I have no doubt that you’ll be thinking; “at last; here is a weight loss program where I don’t have to diet!”

Because, of course, that is what you are supposed to think about the anti diet solution!

Well, don’t get too excited.

The name is a tad misleading. What the “Anti-Diet Solution” really means is that this solution is “anti” all ‘other diets’… In other words, this “diet” views itself as a diet like no other!

Now, this is smart marketing perhaps, and it intends to differentiate the product from all the other weight loss diets and systems available on the market.

This strategy seems to have been successful because the “Anti-Diet Solution” has become an online hit with thousands of copies sold. The creator of this product, Anthony Alayon, has certainly made his mark in the vast and, ironically, “ever-expanding” field of weight-loss.

The Anti Diet Solution
The Anti Diet Solution

So What is the Anti-Diet Solution?

This differs from most of the hum-drum, run-of-the-mill weight-loss guides which seem to churn out the same old regurgitated claptrap encouraging us to “eat right” and exercise like we are hamsters on a wheel!

Anthony’s approach is all about using his diet, to prevent and diminish specific health problems which stop you from shedding fat and losing weight.

We were impressed with this premise so, we decided to take a closer look at this product to see if it was worth your time, money and effort. Here is what we found out…

The Positives:


Despite the somewhat misleading “marketing angle” and pitch, this diet definitely has its heart in the right place and ticks all of the usual boxes. The “Anti-Diet Solution” addresses many of the considerations that directly impact weight-loss.

Stress, metabolic syndrome, blood glucose levels, inflammation, and several other factors can adversely impact your weight-loss. This is the reason why we struggle to shed weight in spite of constant dieting and exercising. Anthony Alayon’s program offers the solution to the underlying causes that impede our weight-loss progress.


The issues covered in the Anti-Diet Solution are not usually mentioned in other weight loss guides. For example, Anthony suggests that exercise is “NOT” the best way to lose body fat. This, of course, runs contrary to what so many weight-loss programs require you to do… and yet, he’s correct; eighty percent of your weight-loss will be determined by your diet.

Anthony also mentions what is called a “probiotic diet,” the purpose of which is to detoxify you from the inside out. Very often our bodies are riddled with inflammation and lots of toxins that are preventing our bodies from losing weight. By reducing the swelling and clearing out these toxins, your fat will “melt off” much faster.


Anthony Alayon brings an impressive CV to the table! If you Googled his name, you’d discover that he’s hugely active in the fitness industry and has an established background in health and wellness. That’s reassuring to know; the guy knows his stuff!


Five bonuses accompany this package, and they’re all useful. The list of these bonuses is below.

  • 50 Natural Health Remedies
  • Anti-Diet Solution Enzyme
  • 7 Back Pain Cures
  • Arthritis Reversed
  • 28 Day Fast Start Diet


The Anti-Diet Solution comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. If the product has no effect on your weight, you WILL get a refund. So, your money is safe. However, I doubt you’ll ever need to trigger the “refund clause” because this program is based on sound principles…and it works.



I’m not sure that this is a “negative” in this day and age, but I’ll mention it anyway. This product is delivered as an online download. You’ll need an internet connection to access it. But you can always print it out later if you so wish.


We ought to be realistic at this point. The Anti-Diet solution will help you reduce fat and lose weight provided you follow it… BUT it is nevertheless still a diet. There is really is no way of getting around that; it is still a diet. Albeit a very effective one!

You have to be consistent and follow the program. If you approach it half-heartedly, skimp and cheat on it, you will not achieve the results. There is work, denial, and sacrifice involved.

Should I Take the Plunge and Get the Anti-Diet solution?

Should I get the this?

Well, in my opinion, humble as it is, as far as diet guides go, The Anti-Diet solution is as good as they come. The structure of the method is scientifically sound, and the advice is on point.

You will shed body fat and lose weight with this diet.

It isn’t stringent or restrictive like more conventional diets such as the Atkins or paleo diet. In that sense, this really is an “anti-diet” guide… and people who have failed with other “weight-reduction plans” will probably find some success with this “anti-diet.”

So, if you’re tired of getting on and off weight-loss programs and not getting any results, the Anti-Diet solution is for you. Get started on it and in about three weeks, or thereabouts, you’ll be amazed by the results.

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