His Secret Obsession

Statistics indicate that about 40 percent of first marriages end with divorce. This is such a depressing statistic… and yet, each year, this number continues to rise.

His Secret Obsession: The question this woeful statistic prompts us to ask now is; why do marriages or relationships flounder and collapse?

After all, the couple loved each other enough to tie the knot in the first place. Where did that love disappear to? Why has the passion faded away?

His Secret Obsession
His Secret Obsession

That old devil called familiarity and his secret obsession!

One answer, perhaps, is; familiarity. As the old saying goes; ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’ There may, of course, be other reasons, but this is indeed a common one.

The secret to keeping passion and love alive is to prevent familiarity from setting in, like a kind of romantic rigor mortice!

Relationship expert James Bauer wrote a book called “His Secret Obsession.” This was written with the well-meaning intention of helping women understand the inner workings of their man’s senses and perception. It became an online bestseller and has been for years.

“His Secret Obsession” is very much the female version of ‘The Game,’ that was written by Neil Strauss but aimed at men.

If you’re a woman noticing signs that your marriage is going a tad “stale,” this eBook has been written with you in mind. It is intended to guide you on how to rekindle the passion in your relationship. The premise is that when you are the object of your husband’s desire and obsession, his eyes won’t wander.

Several tips in the book could be considered ‘mind games,’ but psychology is all important when it comes to the understanding of human nature. Theoretically, when you know what your husband needs, and you give it to him, he will remain committed to you.

Controversial but Insightful!

Now, this guide is somewhat at odds with liberal thinking; advice that asks you to go out of your way to please your man could make us uncomfortable and feel a little “old-fashioned.” Yet, if you are in love with someone and think that you may be losing them, why wouldn’t you want to try to do something about it.

The eternal truth of the matter is that a wise woman knows what to do to keep her husband in love with her. This is not a weakness, it is empowerment!

As Denzel Washington supposedly once said, and I quote; ‘a wise woman knows the importance of speaking life into her man so, If you love him; believe in him, encourage him and be his peace.’

“His Secret Obsession” by James Bauer will demonstrate what you must to do to save your relationship. Let us now examine why it is so effective.



It offers a thorough understanding of how men think and feel and why they act and react in the way that they do. This perceptive peering into the male psyche will astonish you. You will be amazed at your lack of understanding of men!

In attempting to save their marriages, women act in a way that they feel sure that their man will respond positively to. For all the chatter about gender equality in the 21st century, the truth remains that men and women think and feel differently. We are all governed by “nature” itself, and our own individual natures.

His Secret Obsession offers up the facts from a man’s POV, that is true. But by doing what James suggests, your lover, partner or husband will be more responsive and intrigued. His interest in you will be stimulated, and he’ll be more aroused by you and committed to you. He’ll remember how lucky he was to have met you and why he married you.

Although this guide was targeted at married women hoping to save their union, it can be beneficial to single women too.


Although this guide was targeted at married women hoping to save their union, it can be beneficial to single women too. Have you ever had an occasion where a man said he’ll call you after a date, then you don’t hear from him again, and you’re perplexed and can’t think why?

This book will explain why. You’ll learn how it’s possible that you could subconsciously be giving off signals that are repellent to men. This may sound hard to believe. His Secret Obsession will open your eyes to things you have never considered before.

It doesn’t matter how attractive or talented you are. Without the right social skills and “signaling,” coupled with an understanding of how men think, your love life is destined to be difficult and painful.


His Secret Obsession is a risk-free commitment. You have 60 days to test the techniques in the guide to evaluate their efficacy. You have nothing whatsoever to lose, and you may save and improve your marriage. But if you’re not satisfied, you will get your money back.


His Secret Obsession has sold many thousands of copies and has a long list of happy and satisfied customers. It is now among the most influential relationship and marital guides available. If that isn’t proof that the advice contained in this book works, I don’t know what is.


The secret methods such as ‘The X-ray Question’ and the ‘Glimpse Phrase’ are exceptionally insightful. These concepts and many others will help you to reignite the spark in your marriage and fan those glowing embers until they, once more, become roaring flames. James’ secret techniques work, full stop.

We live in an era where infidelity and adultery are everyday occurrences. Apply the ‘Silent Action’ technique outlined in this book and keep your man loyal. He’ll not be tempted to cheat or stray.

This may all seem too good to be true… and yet look at all the social proof and feedback. You just need to know the “secrets” and how to apply them.


This eBook is inexpensive, and it will help any woman salvage her marriage. Even if you have a healthy relationship, the techniques in His Secret Obsession will help to add flavor and spice up your love life. Who among us could resist that?



Consistency matters in this game, and you need to apply every tip you learn. You can’t do this half-heartedly. Some of us may feel intimidated, perhaps even too shy to follow some of the advice. But they will need to steel themselves and give the techniques a try. Only by being brave and uninhibited will you achieve your goal here.

You are required to exit your comfort zone once in a while, but it is an eternal fact that your life will only change if you change. Follow James’ advice strictly and to the letter and be persistent. Consistency is of the essence!


As with so many of these life-changing and experience-enhancing programs, this is only available as an online download. I’m sure you’ll know by now what you will need to access it. You can always print the downloaded copy later of course.

Should You Get His Secret Obsession…Do you NEED it?

A more relevant question we should perhaps ask ourselves is; “how important to me is my marriage?”

If it is of the utmost importance then you perhaps need to pose a second question; “have you tried everything else you can think of, and nothing has worked?” His Secret Obsession is there for you, and it might just be your other white knight!

Never lose sight of the central truth that your man fell in love with you. His feelings may now be hidden, but they must still be there somewhere.

James Bauer’s insightful guide will provide you with the skills you need to bring your marriage or relationship back to life. It is so much simpler when you are aware of what you’re doing. All you require is knowledge and a method that works, rather than blindly following your emotions.

This downloadable book will equip you with all the skills and techniques you need.

So, save your marriage today.

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