The Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Others

Self Compare

How frequently do you compare yourself to someone else? We do it in our careers. We do it with our family or friends, and on occasion, we even compare ourselves to complete strangers. There are some positive aspects of comparing yourself with others. For Example; it can motivate you to go back to school and … Read more

7 Main Tenets Of Self-Growth

Personal Growth

7 Main Tenets Of Self-Growth CredoForLife : Personal growth- We can define a tenet as; “A principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true.” For example; It is universally accepted that plants need sunlight and water to flourish and grow properly. These principles allow us to shape the cultivation of gardens and create safe havens … Read more

EX Factor Guide

Brad Browning’s “The Ex Factor Guide” is unique. While the majority of relationship guides are about nurturing healthy closeness or developing an understanding of the opposite sex, etc. this book is about rescuing a relationship that has effectively crashed and burned. This is a very contentious topic. How can you get your ex back when … Read more

His Secret Obsession

Statistics indicate that about 40 percent of first marriages end with divorce. This is such a depressing statistic… and yet, each year, this number continues to rise. His Secret Obsession: The question this woeful statistic prompts us to ask now is; why do marriages or relationships flounder and collapse? After all, the couple loved each other … Read more