Bake a Dog a Bone

Bake a Dog a Bone Review


From the outset I have two simple questions:

Firstly, are you a dog lover? And have you ever wanted to start your own business based around what you love; dogs?

If your answer to each of my questions is a resounding “yes,” then you absolutely have to read the rest of this post!

Bake a Dog a Bone
Bake a Dog a Bone

Because Bake a Dog a Bone is for you!

“Bake a Dog a Bone” is a fabulous digital guide which provides a blueprint for setting up your own Pet Food business. It will systematically teach you how to launch a bakery which caters for dogs; a company that serves the entire world’s favorite four-legged companions.

This guide is the brain-child of Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram; leading experts in the Pet Industry.

Doug is the president of “eBizWize” (an internet-based pet consulting company), which is a leading publisher of pet information. He has extensive experience concerning pet products and domestic animals in general. He can, therefore, be considered a reliable authority on this topic.

Bake a Dog a Bone’s co-creator, Chris Trombley, is the director of one of the leading pet product producers. He is famous and highly regarded in the pet industry space, especially for launching successful brands.

With such credentials, we can be sure that these men are qualified to offer advice to us concerning the launch of new ventures into this marketplace. We can also be assured that they know how to help us maintain and sustain such a business going forward.

Why I Love this Book

I review lots of books and programs on business opportunities and ideas. Far too many of these prove to be little more than dubious “get rich quick” schemes. Many claim you’ll live on a beach the rest of your life, sipping cocktails and gazing into sunsets throughout an everlasting summer, if you buy their program.

Just bake me a bone, why don’t you?

Of course, no book or business plan alone can instantly make you wealthy. It takes preparation, hard graft, and even a little luck to run a successful business, not just aggressive marketing combined with unproven schemes.

This is why I have been so taken by the concept of Bake a Dog a Bone; it is like a breath of fresh air!

Here, at last, is a blueprint for a sound business opportunity within a 50-billion dollar global marketplace.

The book is well organized too, with a table of contents which links to each section, making navigation seamless and finding information quick and easy. Each of the chapters is also well structured, and the material is laser-focused.

Here is what you’ll find covered within Bake a Dog a Bone:

The sure-fire Secret to generating a buzz in the marketplace by networking with other “Pet Professionals!”

How to avoid the one mistake new pet treat bakers make which causes them to struggle to achieve success. This puts you on the right track from the outset and helps your growth snowball!

They provide a Step-By-Step Order Tracking System which allows you to dominate your niche with in-depth knowledge of your customers.

The absolute “Never-Fail” best treats to bake and sell.

The Golden Rule of Pet Lover Customer Service and how one ‘sin’ can cost you “bigtime” in reputation…and sales.

The quickest and best marketing strategy to test your ad campaigns.

How to deal professionally with all the regulatory requirements and agencies, such as; AAFCOFDACVM, and DSHEA.

Identify the single deadliest human ingredients for dogs, thereby ensuring healthier pets and happier owners!

And there’s so much more:

Equipping your Business.

Inventory control.

Legal fees and regulations.

Using customer service as a marketing tool.

Targeting: Defining the pet-treat marketplace.

Local market research.

Developing your “treat menu.”

Shipping and receiving.

Sources of start-up funds.

Turning a profit by turning professional.

The great Doggie Bake-off!

It is such a well-written book, covering nearly every facet of planning and running a business.

It also includes important topics like:

How to identify a niche.

Why dog bone baking entrepreneurs should specialize.

How to carry out local market research.

The art of baking and packaging your dog treats.

Marketing without having a marketing budget.

Should you get Bake a Dog a Bone?

If you really want to start an exciting business creating delicious treats for your favorite 4-legged critters then yes! You absolutely should!

Buy Bake a Dog a Bone and discover ways to make money with pet treats, and have fun at the same time.

To find out more and discover the terrific bonuses that come with Bake a Dog a Bone, follow the link below. Have fun

Bake A Dog Bone

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