15 Minute Manifestation

“The Secret” science behind 15 Minute Manifestation

Since ‘The Secret’ was first released to the world, the “Law of Attraction” space has witnessed a surge in popularity with millions of us desperate to attract wealth, love, health and all that good stuff into our lives.

Although the science of the “Law of Attraction” has been with us for many decades and also referred to in numerous books, it didn’t really catch on until ‘The Secret’ movie was first released.

Of course, there are plenty of courses and programs that attempt to teach us how to manifest miracles in our lives. The truth is that most of these are just products created to put money into the pockets of their creators. They will do nothing to help you.

Finding a program that does what it claims and stands the “test of time” has proved difficult. One particular guide, however, the “15 Minute Manifestation”, has sold thousands of copies and become an online bestseller. It has satisfied many customers and continues to grow in popularity.

15 Minute Manifestation
15 MinuteManifestation

Eddie Sergey and the “15 Minute Manifestation”

Developed by Eddie Sergey, the 15 Minute Manifestation is a series of audios which appear to have caught on like the Game of Thrones! Our research didn’t unearth any mention of “Eddie Sergey,” so this could be a pseudonym.

The sales page revealed that Eddie was diagnosed with brain cancer but cured himself by listening to “binaural beats” that his mother gave him. After miraculously healing himself, Eddie noticed that his focus improved, and he even began making more money.

Naturally, this story made us a tad cynical, so we decided to take a closer look at why “15 Minute Manifestation” is so popular.

Here are our findings:



While the majority of “Law of Attraction” programs ask that you read them, “15 Minute Manifestation” is delivered in three audio files. You just have to relax, listen and absorb. This is so much easier than reading. It is also less intimidating, and most of us will be able to follow through to the end without giving up!


Because you have to listen to each audio daily for 7 days means that you’ll be engaged in this for 21 days, and that is about as long as it takes to form a habit. This is of the utmost significance because the “Law of Attraction” operates on “habit” and “belief.”

You must be consistent, and you get to be so with this program. It is brilliant!


One of the most significant downsides about the “Law of Attraction” is that most of us who try to use it achieve no results. Naturally, this is very disheartening.

It is not the “Law” that is at fault, however, but the application of it which is faulty and predicated on a lack of comprehension.

To achieve results, you have to let go of your ‘old self’ and remove your skepticism and limiting beliefs. Few of us are able to do this, and we end up fighting ourselves. In track 1 of the program – The Natural State – your mind will become conditioned toward getting rid of self-limiting beliefs.

Now, you will be working from a clean state.

The second track is all about ‘Your New Story,’ and you will create different beliefs and “stories” for yourself to propel you toward a life that is richer and more rewarding.

The last track is ‘Moving Towards Abundance’ – and this is where things get “proper exciting”; you will accelerate your results and truly manifest miracles in your life!

Now, this step-by-step approach is what makes “15 Minute Manifestation” truly powerful. Our initial skepticism disappeared as soon as we saw how well-structured this program was.


The abundance of social proof speaks for itself; since it has been an online bestseller for quite a while now.


The “kicker” came when we discovered that the product had an incredible 365-day money-back guarantee. How risk-free is that? It also demonstrates how sure the developers of “15 Minute Manifestation” are that their offer does the job! The refund rates are also miraculously low!


It will only take a quarter of an hour a day to listen to the audios. No need to spend hours visualizing and focusing on your mysterious chakras or other esoteric stuff.


Each audio is created with unique technology; ‘Theta waves.’ These help your subconscious mind to be more receptive to the audio content. This technology is expensive! The “15 Minute Manifestation” is, however, very affordable.



You can only get this product online. You’ll need a computer or other device and an internet connection to download the audio files.


There is a bit of work involved…

“15 Minute Manifestation” only works if you work it!

You will need to engage with the program for the full 3 weeks. Let us not forget that the word “action” features at the end of ‘attraction.’

Keep at it till you see results. Quitters will achieve zero success.


Some of us may prefer reading to listening to audios. So, this product might prove difficult to access for some.

Well Then; Should You Get 15 Minute Manifestation?

You can only change your life if you change. That is an eternal truth. “15 Minute Manifestation” will provide the guidance, belief, and motivation to help you improve.

Ditching old beliefs and aspiring toward something better is a considerable undertaking. You’ll need to change the way you think and act. “15 Minute Manifestation” will help you to ease into a more receptive state so that you attain results sooner.

This program impressed us immensely.

Try it for the full, “risk-free” year and watch your life change.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

And, if you do not see these results, you are still covered by the 365-day money-back guarantee.

Welcome to your exciting, brand new life! You have nothing to lose.

Try “15 Minute Manifestation” and take control of your destiny.

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